For Directors

As a business director, you are likely to face some difficult decisions. If you are in control of the affairs of an insolvent company, you may be held personally liable for company debts if they engage in any certain practices. In law, you have a duty to the creditors and you must act to resolve the situation.

One trap that directors frequently fall into is assuming the company assets are theirs, however they belong to the company and must be used to pay back to money owed. It is essential that you seek professional advice from a qualified insolvency practitioner.

By working with us, you can find solutions which minimise the damage to you and your business. We recognise your experience and perspective and look to reduce the impact of financial hardship and company insolvency. Rescuing directors and their businesses rather than closing them down has enabled us to save hundreds of businesses over the last 30 years. Our services are accessible and our insolvency practitioners are approachable; so that saving your business is as pain-free as possible.

Some of the directors we have helped include:
– Dentists
– Pubs and restaurants
– Schools
– Carpenters and Joiners
– Car dealers

To speak to a member of our team, you can contact us on 01923 224411 or email Michael Goldstein;